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kueh Akok

Assalamualaikum  !!! here we are again people , =) same site with the same agenda, to get-to-know more about Terengganu traditional food. Okay guys, today i will introduce you to the dish that are unique, sweet and has its own specialty to make peoples craving for it. Well, have you figured out what it is? Let me give you guys a hint, sometimes this dishes can be shaped roundly and sometimes it can be bit curvy . =P

Right ,  you figured it out already , of course it is Kueh Akok, the kueh that taste so sweet, unique shapes and colors and it has the taste to make people craving for it. Sounds good right ? Well , to be specific, this kueh is obviously comes from east coast of Malaysia mostly in Terengganu and Kelantan , okay guys , do you knowwhat is so special about this traditional kueh ?  well , as far as I concern , this kueh had a secret that this Kueh Akok is closely related to the value of generous or stingy of the makers. This is so because the process to make this kueh need lots of egg and flour. The taste would be different with the different amount of egg and flour used. The more egg and flour used, the more delicious it will be.

On top of that, this kueh usually was make for the purpose of daily sales, personal used as it is only can be eaten for a limited time. Well,quite difficult right ? but still it was worth it. Okay, enough with the explanation , now we’ll move to the how-to-make Kueh Akok ,yummy !! let’s dig it =)

Firstly, you need to use a special brass mould to cook this dish. Heat is required both on top and bottom of the mould to provide an even distribution of heat. Using the oven might not give the same taste as the brass mould. There are two versions of this finger food - the savoury akok berlauk and the sweet akok. The former has a filling of shredded chicken or beef, while the latter has a generous dose of sugar as an ingredient. It is basically made of rice flour and coconut milk. Moreover, some has a generous dose of palm sugar which is a bit darker while the ones with more eggs are softer. It depends on each individual preference.

This dish usually can be found in any market district in Terengganu, but the taste would be different according to the district that make it. On top of that , the locals eat it for breakfast and evening snacks.

In addition , Kueh Akok has been used for since generations as a part of present in an engagement and wedding ceremonies.


Ingredients: (Kuih Akok "sweet")
9 large eggs
1 coconut, extract cream equivalent to 1 bowl

2/3 cup sugar

70-80 gm rice flour

1. beat the eggs lightly with sugar

2. Pour in coconut cream and mix well

3. Add in flour

4. Heat the brass mould

5. Spoon mixture into mould and close the lid


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